God’s Wondrous Love CD



Artwork for a CD—front and back covers, CD label, and traycard. I also handled the recording, post-production, and manufacturing process.

“God Is in My Tomorrow” CD

God Is in My Tomorrow Kevin Gilbert CD

Artwork for a CD by Kevin Gilbert, graduate of Ambassador Baptist College.

Audio recorded at Ambassador Baptist College; I handled audio recording, did the post-production/mastering, and managed it through the manufacturing process.

Audio Samples

Track Name
1 He Has Washed My Sins Away
2 The Wonder of the Cross
3 Will You Serve Me?
4 He Works All Things Together
5 Blessed Quietness
6 I Have Never Lost the Wonder of It All
7 Sunlight
8 Tho’ the Seasons Come and Go
9 Nearer, Still Nearer
10 Wonderful Name
11 Great Is Thy Faithfulness
12 God Is in My Tomorrow

“Have Faith in God” CD

Have Faith in God CD cover

Audio recording and mastering, CD case artwork, management through manufacturing.

Audio Samples

Track Name Length
1 I Will Greet the Day with Singing 3:11
2 I’ll Sing It for Jesus Today 3:12
3 I’ve Been Lifted 2:42
4 Do You Wear the Glow of Calv’ry On Your Face? 4:17
5 No Time for the King of Kings 3:37
6 There’s a Sweetness Through It All 2:49
7 I Choose Thee, Blessed Will of God 3:00
8 I Love Thee, Lord Jesus 3:12
9 God Is in My Tomorrow 4:00
10 At the Crossroads 2:22
11 Have Faith in God 3:37
12 Peace Within 4:16
13 Great Is Thy Faithfulness 3:48