Great Homeschool Conventions Site

Information and sales site for a large homeschool convention.

  • Custom theme
  • Custom functionality plugin
    • Adds seven custom post types with related metadata
    • Connects speakers, special events, and exhibitors to specific conventions
    • Connects workshops to specific speakers
    • Adds custom interactive WooCommerce registration page showing product combinations based on selected convention and options
    • Adds custom WooCommerce handling to restrict certain product quantities based on another product already purchased/in the cart
    • Makes site maintenance much easier since information is dynamically pulled in to different areas on the site rather than being static and manual

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GHC site responsive mockup

Responsive site mockup

WP YouTube Live Plugin

A WordPress plugin initially developed for a single client and expanded with other capabilities and released to the public plugin repository.

This plugin uses YouTube’s API to check for and display a live video from a specified channel. If no video is available, there are several fallback options:

  • Show nothing
  • Show a custom message
  • Show a specified video
  • Show a specified playlist
  • Show a playlist of videos from that channel
  • Show a countdown for upcoming videos

It includes a caching feature to reduce the number of API requests and stay well within the daily limits.

WP YouTube Live options

Screenshot of backend options

This plugin is in frequent development on GitHub. Recent additions may be in a feature branch, not yet merged back into master.

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Summit Functionality Plugin

Built while subcontracting for Pressed Solutions. A custom plugin to provide a health summit site with an easy way to manage speakers, talk information, free downloads, and content access.

  • Adds a speaker custom post type
  • Works with Infusionsoft via Memberium to grant access to content based on purchase
    • Free users: only get access to a speaker’s talk on a specified day
    • Paying users: get access the same day free users do and any time after that day
  • Add shortcodes to list all speakers, daily speakers, downloads, and more
  • Adds customized template for the speaker and talks

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Ora Wellness Website

Oral health information and sales site built while subcontracting for Pressed Solutions.

  • Built on WordPress
  • Custom Genesis child theme based on design by Pautler Design
  • Custom plugins to add custom post types, modify WooCommerce behavior, and provide other features
  • Initially integrated with Infusionsoft using Memberium for content access control based on purchase via WooCommerce (as well as previous Infusionsoft order history)
  • Eventually migrated the ecommerce portion to Shopify
    • Heavily customized the Shopify theme to match the main site
    • Wrote a Node & MySQL app to copy Infusionsoft order history to Shopify, including WooCommerce-specific fields where available

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Ora Wellness responsive mockup

Ora Wellness responsive mockup