Installing New Relic on RunCloud

Now that New Relic is offering a free tier, I’ve started using it to monitor some personal websites.

This particular server was configured using RunCloud, and the New Relic installation script didn’t automatically install New Relic monitoring for RunCloud’s PHP. Here are the steps I followed to get that working:

  1. Install New Relic APM for PHP following this documentation.
  2. Find the RunCloud PHP directories: /RunCloud/Packages/php7*rc/bin
  3. Set the NR_INSTALL_PATH variable to all the versions I had installed, as described here.
  4. Run newrelic-install and select all to install for all versions.
  5. Reload PHP: systemctl reload php7*rc-fpm


I found this plugin that adds WordPress-specific knowledge to New Relic reporting.

Bonus 2

New Relic allows you to specify multiple app names to group together all the sites on a server, all of one client’s sites, etc. See their documentation for more details.

The WordPress plugin provides the wp_nr_app_name filter to modify the app name.