Contact Form 7 Google Analytics

Contact Form 7 Google Analytics

Adds Google Analytics Event Tracking to all Contact Form 7 forms sitewide, using “Contact Form” as the Event Category, “Send” as the Event Action, and the form name as the Event Label.

Get the code at the plugin repository, or open issues at the GitHub repository.

Supports the most popular Google Analytics plugins, including the following:


  1. Install the plugin
  2. Check your statistics in Google Analytics under Behavior > Events or under Real-Time > Events
  3. Optionally, to set up a goal, follow these steps:
    1. Click on “Admin” in your Google Analytics account menubar
    2. In the right-most column (“View”), click on “Goals”
    3. Click on the “+ New Goal” button
    4. Choose the “Template” radio button (selected by default) and click “Continue”
    5. Enter a name for the goal (I suggest “Contact Forms”)
    6. Choose the “Event” radio button and click “Continue”
    7. Set “Category Equals to Contact Form”
    8. Set “Action Equals to Send”
    9. Optionally add a label if you want to define a goal for one specific form
    10. Click the “Save” button



  • Update to use new DOM events in Contact Form 7 v4.8


  • Fix JS issue if ga is undefined


  • Fix PHP undefined index issue


  • Fix issue where any manually-specified items were being deleted


  • Add support for Google Analytics by Yoast


  • First stable version

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