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Day 3: Starting a Checklist App

The rest of this series can be found here.

Day 3: time to start working on a project from scratch without following a guide. I’m intentionally not taking one of numerous online classes for several reasons:

  • More freedom to explore
  • More work figuring out how to do something rather than just re-typing or copying/pasting from a guide (and hopefully, more learning)

Starting today, I’ll be working on a simple to-do/checklist app; I don’t have as much time today, so probably will just sketch out the basics of the app and not get too deep into code today. Here goes.


A simple checklist app, allowing you to create one or more items per day that you can “check off.” I’m not sure yet if I’ll build out support for recurring items.


  • Dates: I had thought about creating a model for dates and may eventually end up doing that, but figured I’d try using built-in date functions first.
  • To-dos: the main model; has a required title, a required boolean “completed” field, an optional (but encouraged) date, optional notes
  • Tags: a secondary model; tags will be more flexible than “folders” to put the to-do items into

Routes and Views

  • When loaded, the main site will bring up a list of all the uncompleted to-do items
  • /completed/ will bring up a list of the completed items
  • /create/ will bring up a page for creating a new item
  • /tags/ will bring up a screen to manage tags

Other considerations

  • Since app this will (eventually) be publicly-accessible, I’ll need to add a few more things:
    • Require users to sign up and authenticate themselves to use the service
    • Limit the number and size of items  (to keep database size down) and/or reset the database periodically
  • Eventually, I may add Ajax functionality to streamline the experience.

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