php iconA quick-and-dirty PHP script to unserialize a string in PHP.

Clone (or download and expand the zip file) into your documents root and point unserialize.dev to the folder.

Note: as of December 2017, Google Chrome requires a TLS certificate to access .dev domains. You can use the script on any local TLD or PHP-capable server without any changes.

Enter your serialized data into the textarea, hit “submit,” and boom!—your serialized data is expanded to a much more human-readable view!

unserialize.dev screenshot

Created for use with this Alfred custom search. Note that if your serialized string is longer than 4,000 characters, it may cause a 414 “Request Too Long” error; i that case, just pull up the site and paste your serialized data into the textarea.

Note: since Chrome now requires a TLS certificate for all .dev domains, you’ll need to set up a trusted local certificate or use a different top-level domain. If you use a different domain, you’ll need to modify the Alfred search to match.

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