How to Change Your DNS for Faster, Safer Browsing

When you open your web browser and type in a URL, your computer is able to find a server with an IP address such as Among other technologies, a protocol called DNS helps your computer find that server. In this tutorial, I’ll show you what DNS is and some tips you can use to be safer on the web.

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LastPass vs. iCloud Keychain

In order to help improve password security, Apple just recently introduced iCloud Keychain in OS X Mavericks and iOS 7. The service is designed is to sync passwords, credit card information, wifi passwords, and account login information across devices.

Though it appears to do those tasks relatively well, it is Apple’s first foray into this field, and there are several well-established contenders already. In this article, we’ll compare and contrast iCloud Keychain to LastPass.

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Encrypting Email with GPGTools

Email security, asymmetric encryption, keys…all confusing and complicated subjects to the uninitiated. However, there are some tools that help make the job of keeping your email secure much easier, especially on a Mac. In this tutorial I wrote for the TutsPlus network, I’ll show you how you can keep your email secure from prying eyes by using GPGTools to create your own keys and encrypt your email.

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