Woo Generate New Password Reset Link

If your site auto-generates customer credentials, then they receive their username and password in plaintext in their email.

To improve security and make the experience a bit more user-friendly, this plugin sends users a link to create their password, much like WordPress core does when you add a new user account.

Get the code at the WordPress plugin repository, or open issues at the GitHub repository. Continue reading

Woocommerce Product Addons Template Overrides

Mike Jolley wrote a Woocommerce plugin named Product Addons that allows global and per-product addons as free or paid upgrades. The plugin provides several template files, but they can’t be overridden in the typical Woocommerce manner.

Instead of placing template override files in the woocommerce folder in your WordPress theme, place them in a folder named woocommerce-product-addons in your WordPress theme and you’ll be good to go.