Days 6–8: Fixing Bugs, Adding Features

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Over the weekend, I worked on this project on my wife’s laptop instead of my main machine, so ran into a couple of issues getting set up. First, rails wouldn’t run, but $ bundle install took care of that problem. Then I had to run $ rake db:migrate to get the database set up, but ran into similar issues as yesterday. At some point, I changed the name of the constant used to add the boolean field, but the migration file still had the old class name. Once I changed that, $ rake db:migrate ran just fine.

Next, I needed to add a few todo items to have some data to work with. For whatever reason, adding new todos worked fine on my main machine, but when I tried to add a new item, I was getting a “First argument in form cannot contain nil or be empty” error. Turns out I had never defined the “new” action in the controller. Took care of that and the app was back in business. Continue reading

Day 3: Starting a Checklist App

The rest of this series can be found here.

Day 3: time to start working on a project from scratch without following a guide. I’m intentionally not taking one of numerous online classes for several reasons:

  • More freedom to explore
  • More work figuring out how to do something rather than just re-typing or copying/pasting from a guide (and hopefully, more learning)

Starting today, I’ll be working on a simple to-do/checklist app; I don’t have as much time today, so probably will just sketch out the basics of the app and not get too deep into code today. Here goes. Continue reading

Day 2: Finishing the (Sample) Blog

The rest of this series can be found here.

Made it the rest of the way through the introductory tutorial today.

MVC (model-view-controller) is a neat concept once you get your head around it—the separation of logic vs. data is much stronger than most hand-coded HTML/PHP or WP templates achieve.

Turns out I didn’t need that link to the article from the index page, as it was part of the documentation only one step later…but I often get “good ideas” and jump a few steps ahead without even knowing it. Continue reading

Day 1: Getting Started with Ruby on Rails

A word of introduction: this year, I’m planning actively work on learning some new languages and skills, rather than just learning things as I need them for a particular project. My plan is to spend 30 days on each technology, taking about an hour to work on the skill and then about half an hour to write about what I learned.

If you have questions, feel free to comment, but keep in mind that these series are primarily for my own learning, and by no means will I be an expert at any of them by the end of the 30 days. Continue reading

Woocommerce Product Addons Template Overrides

Mike Jolley wrote a Woocommerce plugin named Product Addons that allows global and per-product addons as free or paid upgrades. The plugin provides several template files, but they can’t be overridden in the typical Woocommerce manner.

Instead of placing template override files in the woocommerce folder in your WordPress theme, place them in a folder named woocommerce-product-addons in your WordPress theme and you’ll be good to go.